Project Bros
Privacy Policy
  1. What We Collect:
    • Anything Chatango Sends, this includes but not exclusivly:
      • IP addresses
      • Message History
      • Moderation Events such as:
        • Banning
        • Deletion
        • Unbanning
        • Mod Changes
    • Bot Moderation such as:
      • Bot Join/Leave Logs
      • Bot Ban/Unban Logs
      • Bot Autoban Logs
      • AutoMod Adjustments Logs
      • Bot Settings Adjustments
    • Basic Command Usage
  2. What Collected Data is Used For:
    • Protecting Our Chat Rooms
    • Preventing Abuse
    • Usage Information to Improve Our Service
  3. Who Has Access to Collected Data:
    • Bot Administration:
      • All Moderation Logs
      • All Message Logs
      • All Command Logs
      • Please Note We Will Not Disclose ANY Information About Our Users Without Permission
    • Chat Mods or Higher of Room:
      • Message History of Chat
      • Moderation Containing to the Chat
      • Bot Ban/Unban Logs of Chat
    • Chat Owners:
      • All Bot Moderation Containing to the Chat
      • Bot Logs Containing to the Chat
      • Mod Adjustments Containing to the Chat
    • Anyone Else:
      • General Statistics Containing Nothing That Could Identify a Given User Such As:
        • Message history Count
        • Whois entries Count
        • Room Count
        • Most Used Commands
  4. Additional Policies Used By Commands: